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Putting Tech and B2B Brands on the Stage

Expert Copywriting and Public Relations
for the ICT and Business Sector

Podium PR was founded with a singular goal in mind: to elevate the ICT sector with thoughtful, intelligent copywriting and promotional services. We don’t believe in publicity for publicity’s sake. We don’t devote hours and hours to mindless strategizing with no end goal in mind.

Instead, we run our campaigns like you run your sprints. Everything we do has a clear objective and metric for success.

We’ve worked with some of the best brands in the SaaS, cybersecurity, fintech, telecommunications and business sectors across three continents. Podium PR & Copywriting can provide weekly blogs, press releases and thinkpieces, whitepapers, web copy and everything in between.

Professional. Impactful. Fast.
Just like your business.


What We Do

While Podium PR & Copywriting has focused mainly on the Tech and B2B sector, we’ve worked with a number of brands and industries all around the globe. We’re always up for a challenge and pride ourselves on our ability to master any subject matter (or to find a specialist writer within our network who knows the work inside and out).

Here’s what we do:


Podium PR & Copywriting works with highly specialized B2B copywriters that have worked with tech and business brands in the US, UK, Europe and Africa. Whether you require a detailed whitepaper, brochure, or ghost-written thinkpiece for your LinkedIn page, we can deliver on time and within budget.


Public Relations

Podium PR & Copywriting supports tech companies ranging from large telcos, innovative fintech companies to small crypto start-ups and consumer SaaS solutions with blogs, publicity and press releases. Announce your new product or put your thought leaders in the spotlight… we can do it all.


Podium PR & Copywriting will gladly support your business with your above and below the line marketing and communications efforts, whether you require once-off consultation and referrals or an end-to-end digital media campaign.


What We Deliver

Regular used to educate, build thought leadership, and drive traffic to your website.
White Papers
In-depth reports on a specific topic that are used to educate and inform the target audience.
Press Releases
Releases that generate media coverage, build brand awareness, and inform stakeholders.
We get your name and thought leaders out there on the web and in the media.
These opinion-based articles that explore a particular topic and aim to provide insights and perspectives.
SEO Content
Maximise online visibility with keyword-rich SEO content.
Web & Product Copy
Drive traffic to a website, and generate leads with keyword-rich content and blogs.

Industries We Serve

  •  Automotive
  • Cybersecurity
  • SaaS
  • Telecommunications
  • Data Analytics
  • Fintech and Compliance
  • Finance and Business
  • Location Technology
  • ERP