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We’re an agile and highly experienced PR company specialising in technology and B2B PR.

We use strategic, technically-savvy copywriting and our media relationships to put your brand in the spotlight.

Over the last five years, we’ve worked with companies specialising in SaaS, Enterprise Resourcing Planning, BI, telecommunications, finance and investment, cryptocurrency and compliance. We’ve written whitepapers, blogs, pitch documents, press releases and opinion pieces that improved our clients’ SEO and boosted their profile through targeted, professional media placement. 

As an agency, we work with clients from around the globe, including the US, UK and Europe. Favourable time zone overlaps, native language English proficiency, a great currency exchange rate and a thriving tech scene makes South Africa a perfect offshore destination for international tech companies that require informed, professional copywriting savvy.

What we do


We create compelling and effective written content for businesses, with a focus on technology and B2B, including:

SEO Copywriting

We create SEO-optimized copy that will rank high on search engines, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads.

Tech Copywriting

Our team of experts writes technical content that accurately and concisely explains complex products and services to your target audience. We can produce whitepapers, blogs, how-tos and copy for your website.

B2B Copywriting

Let us craft compelling B2B content that informs, educates, and engages your business audience and establishes credibility in the market.

Public Relations

Podium PR will help companies build and maintain a positive image, increase brand awareness, and develop relationships with stakeholders.


Let us work to secure media coverage for your brand. The goal of publicity is to generate awareness and interest in the company, your products or services, and your industry. Publicity activities can include press releases, media pitches, product launches, events, and partnerships.

PR for Tech Companies

We help tech companies build and maintain a positive image, increase brand awareness, and develop relationships with stakeholders in the tech industry. This involves creating and executing a comprehensive PR strategy that includes media relations, content creation, influencer outreach, and crisis management. The goal is to position your business as an industry leader, build brand awareness, and improve its image.

PR for B2B Companies

Podium specialises in PR for B2B companies, helping them reach their target audience, establish thought leadership, and build relationships with other businesses. This may include promoting a company’s products or services, showcasing its industry expertise, and highlighting its commitment to customer satisfaction.



Let us contribute to your weekly blog! Blog posts provide information, opinions and insights into the flavour of your brand to employees, clients, prospects and the media. SEO-optimised blogs can also do wonders for your web rankings!


Whitepapers are in-depth reports on a specific topic that are used to educate and inform the target audience. They are a great way of establishing thought leadership and insights for your business.

Press Releases

Press releases are official statements issued by a company to the media to announce news, such as product launches, events, or changes in leadership. It’s a great way of getting (and keeping) your brand in front of your target audience without heavy investment in advertising.


Thinkpieces are opinion-based articles that explore a particular topic and aim to provide insights and perspectives. Thinkpieces can be used to establish thought leadership and provide unique perspectives on industry-related topics. They are also extremely useful if you’d like to join a formal speaking circuit.

Web Copy

Web copy refers to the written content on a website. We work with numerous clients who are great at what they do, but not very good at communicating about it! We bridge those gaps for you by providing keyword-rich content that speaks to your clients.

Our Process

During the pitch and proposal process, clients ask a lot of questions – except the ones they really want to know: how will this work, and how much is it going to cost me? Let’s get those questions out of the way from the get-go.

How does your process work?

Once you’ve gotten in touch, we’ll spend a day workshopping your requirements. This can be done in person, or over a Zoom call. Once we know exactly what you need from us (blogging to boost your SEO, monthly or once-off press releases, or digital marketing) we can compile a proposal that describes our deliverables, the cost, and strategy.

When you are happy to proceed, we’ll start work right away. Copy and other front-end work will be sent for your sign-off and approval at every stage. (We recommend appointing an internal staff member responsible for this step).

Monthly reports are sent so that you can track our progress and results.

How much does PR and copywriting cost?

You’ve probably done your due diligence and emailed a few companies by now. You’ve probably received wildly different quotes. Agencies can charge anything from R25,000 to R135,000 for a single press release, and achieve the same result each time. This is because most agencies require several staff members to compile a single piece of work. A copywriter would typically charge R3000-R7000 for a simple press release. The monthly clipping service requires a fee of R20,000 – R30,000 (usually spread across a few clients). Then there are copy editors, account executives, agency bosses, strategists and others that all require an hourly fee.

We do things differently.

We’ve adopted the agile methodology we’ve learnt from our tech clients to keep focused, lean and flexible at all times. We do as much as we can, in-house, so that you aren’t paying our rent and outsourcing fees.

A typically monthly retainer with us will set you back R15,000 – R25,000 per month which includes SEO-optimised press releases, opinion pieces or blogs, and media pitches along with monthly reports. A simple blog post with 1000 words that has been optimised for SEO, copy- and plagiarism-checked, will cost roughly R2500.

To make things as simple and affordable as possible, we also offer package deals.

What do I get as part of the retainer?

We send two-four pieces of content to the media every month as part of a standard PR package, motivate for media interviews, and offer crisis management and communication support.

Alternatively, we can provide SEO-optimised blog posts, white papers, press releases and ad hoc copywriting as a part of a regular copywriting retainer.

You are free to mix and match deliverables according to your needs.

Podium PR & Copywriting will gladly support your business with your above and below the line marketing and communications efforts, whether you require once-off consultation and referrals or an end-to-end digital media campaign.